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Mestre Foca & Professora Rouxinol's CD: vem brinCAPOEIRA!

Image of Mestre Foca & Professora Rouxinol's CD: vem brinCAPOEIRA!

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Capoeira is a unique art in that we practice and preserve the traditions and rituals of our ancestors, including singing the songs that were born of their experiences. Yet there is also room for us to make our personal mark in Capoeira’s story by writing our own songs, in hopes that they too may weave into the fabric and history of this rich and vast art form. This CD tells our Capoeira story through its words and melodies. The songs are original compositions inspired by our capoeira lives and the past 8 years of teaching, playing, and sharing Capoeira with children and adults in our own academy, schools, and wider communities of Brooklyn and Ithaca, New York. Capoeira, a collective art form, cannot fully grow and flower without such dynamic community.

Fifteen (15) original Capoeira & Maculelê compositions by Mestre Foca and Professora Rouxinol.